The Internship program run by IFIS is one of the best offered worldwide, and has been going on for more than 20 years. Taking in some of the best students from the San Diego area, the internship program has been vital in raising the stock value of our students in order that they may succeed in their careers after college.

Our internship program is unique in that it has no set track that every student is required to follow. It is very open in catering to each individual students’ needs in regard to what they would like to learn most. There are three major components to our internship program, which students will be involved with, depending on the time of day they can come in and their area of interest

Evening: Communication Skills

The evenings are devoted to phone calls in which interns will follow up with our clients to inform them of any changes in their policy, or update our files on client information. Students will learn communication skills through these phone calls, and will learn to conduct their speech in a very professional manner.

In addition to this, students interested in financial advising or other fields are able to take an entirely independent course in order to learn more about their interests.

The power of an individual in the business world lies in how well he or she communicates with others. Thus, our Linguistics and Communication program held every Friday emphasizes basic English skills that focus on clear pronunciation and understanding of the English language. Participants of this program will develop both verbal and written skills which would ultimately increase productivity and promote efficient movement of information—qualities necessary for a successful career.



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