Questions to consider:

  • What is your stock value?
  • What exactly is your worth?

Unfortunately, too many students have never stopped to seriously assess their own worth, opting only to settle for a job that will pay them a few dollars an hour.

Our Internship program is devoted to raising the stock value of students through the tremendous amount of experience they will gain, so that when they are preparing for a full time job, their assurance of self-worth will keep them from being satisfied with just anything they can get.

Through real-life and experience and knowledge of the business world through the program, students will be able to gain confidence with the work that they can do, and also develop a professional ease with which they can succeed in any business environment.

This is why, though the internship is technically unpaid, the amount of experience gained and the increase in the perceived self-worth of the students is found to be of much more value than any amount of dollars that can be given per hour.

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